saf-isticated asked: Ironically, the previous ask is grammatically incorrect. It should be "Your English is shit; grammar and spelling. Do you even go to school?" (Notice the appropriate use of sentence structure as well as grammar. Capitals letters are also present where necessary)

Hahaha, I’m clapping my hands 👏

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Football, costumes, games, music and alcohol at school for two whole days. Yes. ✌️

bennyyyhaze asked: Your eyes are great. Eyebrows on point. Cheekbones are a definite plus.

Aw thank youuuu

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Anonymous asked: your english is shit, grammar and language. have you never gone to school?

English isn’t my native language, so I think I’m doing pretty great. As long as people understand what I’m saying, I’ll be fine. Thank you, bye 

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Protecting by Maria Koch
Apparently Pokémon is the devil’s work - according to some danish people

Just read an article in a danish newspaper about Pokémon being the devil’s work. 
On a small danish iceland (Bornholm) people have started to burn Pokémon cards because they truly believe, that the cards are causing diseases and pain. A priest told a story about his lips suddenly started to swell and all of a sudden his wife got paralyzed in her arms, and then he remembered an article about Pokémon cards being the devil’s work, so he burned his sons Beedrill card (he thought that was what caused his lips to swell) and all of his sons other cards. And suddenly both him and his wife were fine again. 
So now Pokémon-cards all over Bornholm is being burned and people are now “healthy” again. They call it the “Pokémon-phenomenon.” The cards (and other things with Pokémons on) are not allowed in schools, and adults make their children “sacrifice” their Pokémon cards. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD 

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New series up -
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